park1In 1997, the Town of Merrill acquired a parcel of land between the East Branch of the Mattawamkeag River and Route 212 for use as a park. Incredible, hard-working citizens of Merrill and the surrounding communities spent immeasurable hours clearing the area and creating a magnificent, beautiful, peaceful park. Each time something needed to be done, someone was there to get the job done. Local Boy Scouts have held "camp outs" at the park and have generously repaid the town with service for the support the town has given the Scouts over the years. The fine, noble, young people have raked, picked rocks, cut brush, and planted flowers year after year. This summer these wonderful young people came to the town and said "We wanted to do something for the town, so we purchased a flagpole and flag for the park". Come spend a day at the park, restore your soul. Relax; listen to the gentle, bubbling, gurgling river. Enjoy a picnic as you watch the sparkling, pristine water flow gently by. Come to the park in the winter, skate on the new outdoors, back to nature, rink – as the lights on the twenty-foot Christmas tree twinkle in the background and the stars dot the velvet, clear night sky. No fee - no cover charge - free – the way nature should be.

Volunteers working at Merrill Millstream Park getting the park ready for Merrill's Centennial Celebration August 14 and 15, 2010



Merrill's Littlest Volunteer - Hannah May


Hard at work.


Lunch break after a morning of hard work. 



Merrill Millstream Park clean up day - East Branch of the Mattawamkeag River in the background.


Father and son Matthew and Andy Bustard.


Volunteers taking a break.