hunting1Welcome to the vast untamed wilderness of Northern Maine for a hunting or fishing trip that will inspire legends your grandchildren will tell to their grandchildren. Have you ever seen a herd of wild, stomping, snorting Maine Moose? Have you ever seen a Maine Black Bear stand on his hind legs and slap a bee's nest down from over ten feet high? Have you ever heard the roar of a Maine Black Bear and felt the earth tremble beneath your feet? Have you ever fried up a mess of brook trout and served them over a bed of steaming fiddleheads? If you say 'no' to these questions, you ain't neva lived! With over 30,000 acres of wilderness in our backyard, Merrill is the place to experience this and a great deal more. There is an abundance of rivers, streams and lakes to fish – both ice and open water. With lodging, guides and wildlife plentiful, you can bag your limit easily. If you want to experience breathtaking sights and mystical sounds of the woods and the wildlife, bring yourself and experience nature as never before.

You can obtain hunting, fishing and archery licenses for residents and non-residents at the town office.