his1Merrill is a member of the Southern Aroostook Community School District. Six towns make up CSD#9 or SACS. Southern Aroostook Community School, K through 12 and is housed under one roof. SACS has graduated some outstanding students and athletes. SACS alumni roster includes doctors, lawyers, nuclear physicists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, accountants, cosmetologists, teachers, social workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, writers, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers and pilots, to name a few. Southern Aroostook graduates are prepared to begin the quest for a higher education in any given field. SACS is also home to the famous Murray Putnam Baseball Field and is home of the Warriors Baseball, Basketball and Soccer. The drama department at SACS is also very successful – filling the house each time the curtain rises. We are less than ½ hour from the Greater Houlton Christian Academy and the Higher Education Center in Houlton. SACS is also a part of SAVE or Southern Aroostook Vocational Education. Trophy cases at Southern Aroostook Community School are overflowing with trophies and awards. SACS students, past and present do very well in all types of competition – academic, speaking, theatrical, athletic, and vocational.